From Fresh Beer, to Fresh Air.

Inspired by London’s famous tree cover, 4EST Brewery takes pride in calling the Forest City home.

Like many Londoner’s, we love the beautiful trees and forests that make our city so special.

Unfortunately, London’s reputation as the Forest City is in trouble and we need your help to save it.

Planting Trees. One Beer at a Time.

Our slogan is “Planting trees. One beer at a time”.

This is our promise to you that by choosing 4EST Lager, you are putting new trees in the ground.

To make this happen, we donate at least 4% of all sales to reforestation efforts here in London.

4% is just a starting point for us, but it is a promise that we put right in our name.

High Quality Beer. Traditional Recipes.

Our beer is designed to be enjoyed by everyone. We brew a tasty, easy-drinking beer without any gimmicks.

Our flagship German-style lager is made with premium ingredients, traditional methods, and no cut-corners.

This means a crisp, fresh, beer that you can always rely on.

Environmentally Driven. Locally Focused.

4EST Lager is only available in London and the surrounding area and that is by design.

Our business model is simple. Brew great beer that is consumed locally and supports the local environment.

Head on down to your closest London LCBO and grab a can today!

Help keep our city fresh and beautiful for generations to come.