Myles Rombough planting trees for 4est in partnership with ReForest London

One way that we intend to honour the history of London is our reforestation initiative. We are inspired by our reputation as the forest city and are passionate about protecting our namesake.

We know many Londoners join us in our love of trees and would also like to see a return to the level of tree-cover we all once enjoyed. Our goal is to help great organizations such as ReForest London who have been working tirelessly at this effort for almost two decades.

Our promise to our consumers is that we will continue to donate at least 4% of profits to our London reforestation initiative and will strive to do even more as we continue to grow. Future efforts will target river restoration and other social/environmental causes.

Our slogan is “Back to the roots”. In 4 simple words this summarizes our brand and our vision. The roots run deep in this city in so many ways and we intend to honour that.